We found this huge new one Megawatt solar array in Santa Rosa at Agilent.


2 thoughts on “solar

  1. Yesterday on the way to Sacramento, I saw a parking lot with solar arrays in it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if every parking lot in America had solar arrays? Think about how nice it would be to return to a cool, shaded car while all the heat goes into creating clean energy.

    Better yet, how about solar arrays feeding outlets for your plug-in electric car?

  2. Yes! And for all I know the posts do have outlets in them for electric cars! These are over a parking lot and they were doing some landscaping there too–I’ll find out more and take a photo when it is done for full effect. These arrays could actually be over entire gardens also, because in this case, they are so high up the area isn’t solidly shaded by these panels. Since the sun shifts throughout the day, you could plant the ideal garden that took advantage of shifting shades.

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