civilized streets

More on the streets of Bobenheim-Roxheim, germany.

In this image, you can see the cars parked in the street. Looks like traffic, but no, those are parked cars. Bikes have the road and there is a sign warning about pedestrains since there is a school right there. No one seems to be annoyed by this. The protocol is to wait if someone is in the oncoming lane and then go. Many cars have an extra little “left side back parking light on” option that you can turn on if you are parking like this on a dark road.

Here is the midsize rental car we were issued as if it were a geo metro. (Not that I don’t love the geo metro) Apparently the mercedes, being their car, is very popular. We don’t have this model mercedes in the united states for some reason. It is in the B class. They have an A class too that is the compact version of this that we saw all over the place and a sports car version that was parked next door. Our car had pretty decent gas milage.


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