rex rising

I live in a place where the local downtown hardware store burns down, and they just go ahead and build it again as if it were the most normal thing in the world, which of course, it really is.

When REX hardware burned, everyone gathered. Teenagers wrote RIP REX on the sidewalk and cried. Signs went up with affectionate words, flowers, notes and artifacts were posted on the fence. The owners told everyone they would rebuild it the way it was and they actually are. “Hurry Jeff I need a new plunger” one person wrote on a piece of paper and posted on the fence. Long Live REX.


One thought on “rex rising

  1. my next door neighbor drew up the plans for the new hardware store. i remember it burned down during that terrible heatwave we had. and then goodwill burned down only a couple of weeks later. i guess it was more of a “burning out” than a “burning down,” as that building still stands, though gutted. petaluma is a city of fires. the feed store across the street from the fire department, no less, actually caught fire twice. and there was buona sera too, where i worked for five years.
    except now it’s a dreadful nightclub called “Infusions.” it’s nice that rex hardware will still be rex hardware, more appreciated by everyone after its re-emergence because of its temporary absence.

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